Sub-distributor for wall boxes 11 / 22 kW including FI type A and surge protection

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variant: 11 kW wall box
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Made in Germany.

High-quality sub-distributor for the safe operation of wall boxes 11 / 22 kW from all manufacturers - Made in Germany - 100% manufactory production

All of our sub-distributors are compatible with all 11Kw. Wallboxes from all manufacturers!

Technical data
Housing material: ABS plastic, UV-resistant
Fuse: Circuit breaker 3-pole 16A type -C- at 11 kW. Variant
Fuse: Circuit breaker 3-pole 32A type -C- at 22 kW. Variant
Residual current protection: FI type A 40A / 30 mA

Overvoltage protection: Overvoltage protection T2 to protect against overvoltages caused by lightning strikes, etc.
Protection class: IP 65 for permanent outdoor operation
Dimensions: Height: 290 mm / Length: 300 mm / Depth: 140 mm

Downloads & information
Technical data sheet 📃

Further information about our sub-distributors for wall boxes and what they do!

A wallbox should always be installed professionally and, above all, safely. It is also important to protect your wallbox and ultimately your electric car against surge damage. Unfortunately, many installers forget this. If lightning strikes your house and your electric car is charging, there will be no surge protection if there is significant damage or even total battery failure. To prevent this, each wallbox has its own sub-distribution box, which is specifically tailored to the needs of e-mobility. With our sub-distributors for e-mobility you can optimally protect your wallbox and your e-car.

Why a subdivision of us?

All of our sub-distributors are manufactured and tested by hand. Our sub-distributors are modular and designed specifically for the needs of e-mobility, which means that if something breaks after many hours of operation, you can replace each component individually and don't have to throw away the entire sub-distributor. This is how we create 100% sustainability -MADE IN GERMANY-

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