Surge protection T2 for wall boxes 11 & 22 kW (top-hat rail mounting)

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Surge protection for wall boxes

This surge protection is compatible with all 11 & 22 kW wallboxes from all manufacturers and protects your wallbox and your electric car from overvoltage caused by lightning strikes, for example.

Technical data
Housing material: ABS plastic, UV-resistant
Test class: 3-phase surge protection class T2

Downloads & information
Technical data sheet 📃

Further information on the surge protection standard!
A properly functioning charging station/wallbox is essential if you want your electric car to be ready to be driven out at any time. Overvoltages can throw a spanner in the works here. They represent a real and serious danger and not only disrupt the charging performance of your charging station/wallbox, but in the worst case damage it and the vehicle. Up to and including total damage to the battery and electrical system of your electric car. Lightning strikes are particularly dangerous. To avoid this damage to your charging station and your electric car, surge protection is essential. If you have your charging station / wallbox completely reinstalled, we recommend our e-mobility connection distributor, which has everything you need for the safe use of your charging station / wallbox.
-Click here for the e-mobility connection distributor-

Standards for surge protection in electric cars/wallboxes?
According to VDI 2166, surge protection is necessary for your charging station/wallbox and the electric car connected to it. A surge arrester with protection class Type 2, like all of our Flashsave and Protector surge protection devices, is recommended here. The surge protection can be installed directly in front of the charging station/wallbox with our Flashsave surge protection, or in the sub-distribution with our surge protection Protector. According to DIN VDE 0100-722, all charging devices, such as wallboxes, must be registered with the network operator before installation. If necessary, they can then adjust your home's connection to avoid overloading. If you don't yet have a surge protector for your wallbox, you can easily retrofit it!

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