Safety adapter 63A - 32A

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Made in Germany.

Safety adapter 63A CEE ⇛ 32A CEE

All of our safety adapters are manufactured and tested at our location in Eschwege. All of our safety adapters are compatible with all 63A and 32A CEE 5-pin three-phase plug devices.
Safe reduction from 63A CEE connections to 32A CEE connections.

Technical data
Housing material: ABS plastic, UV-resistant
Protection class: IP 65
Plug: High-quality CEE plug 63A 5-pin
Coupling: High quality 32A 5-pin coupling
Safety: C32 3-pole circuit breaker
Cable: High-quality solid rubber hose cable H07 RN-F 5x4 mm²

Downloads & information

T echnical data sheet 📃

Further information about our security adapters
Our safety adapters are suitable for use under the highest mechanical stresses. By protecting it with a 3-pole C-32 circuit breaker/circuit breaker, overheating of the connected cable or machine is ruled out. This is therefore a LEGAL adapter variant.
Please remember: Adapters from large (e.g. 63A plug) to small (e.g. 32A coupling) can only be used with a suitable fuse/circuit breaker, as installed here.

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