Charging station / Wallbox 11 KW / Mobile charger / Mobile charging cable / CHARGE & COUNT / Static load management / MID calibrated meter

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Length of supply cable: 1.5 meter supply line including 16A CEE plug
Length of charging cable type 2: 3.0 meter charging cable type 2
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Made in Germany.

High-quality mobile wallbox / mobile storage device / 11 Kw. - Made in Germany - 100% manufactory production including static load management

All of our wallboxes are compatible with all electric cars from all manufacturers!

Technical data
Housing material: ABS plastic, UV-resistant
Charging power: 1-phase 3.7 Kw / 2-phase 7.4 Kw / 3-phase 11 Kw
(The charging power automatically adapts to your electric car!)
Residual current protection: AC 30mA / DC 6mA (FI type B)

Meter : MID-calibrated meter suitable for billing including SO pulse output
Protection class: IP 65 for permanent outdoor operation
Charging connection: 3, 5 or 8 meter Type 2 charging cable (suitable for all Type 2 electric cars)
Supply cable: 1.5 / 5 or 8 meter 16A CEE cable to plug into the 16A three-phase socket
Load management: Static load management via rotary switch 5 levels 6A / 8A / 10A / 13A / 16A

Downloads & information

Technical data sheet (please click) 📃
Technical data sheet MID-calibrated meter (please click) 📃
Instruction manual (please click) 📃

Recommended accessories for the safe operation of your wallbox!
🧐Full connectivity / app control for your Wallbox Simple CHARGE & COUNT🧐
Warranty extension - up to 5 years!
⚡Surge protection ⚡

Further information about our mobile wallboxes and what a wallbox does

The mobile wallboxes offered here are safe chargers for mobile and stationary use. Unlike other wall boxes, an FI type A is not necessary at the socket, as an RCMU module is installed here which detects AC and DC residual currents, but at the same time does not blind any FI that may be connected upstream in the house.

Why a wallbox from us?
All of our wall boxes are manufactured and tested by hand. Our wallboxes are modular, which means that if something breaks after many hours of operation, you can replace each component individually and don't have to throw away the entire wallbox. This is how we create 100% sustainability -MADE IN GERMANY-

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