Betteri feed cable to 230V Schuko plug extension cable for balcony power plant

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Made in Germany.

Betteri BC01 to 230V Schuko extension cable

All Betteri BC01 to 230V Schuko extension cables are compatible with all balcony solar systems with Betteri BC01 plug connections!

Technical data
Housing material: ABS plastic, UV-resistant
Cable: H07 RN-F 3x1.5 mm²
Protection class: IP 68
Function: Adapter cable from inverter with Betteri BC01 e.g. Hoymiles to Schuko plug, for plugging your inverter directly into the household socket. Without installing a feed socket.

Downloads & information

Technical data sheet 📃

Further information about the Betteri BC01 extension cable
Operating a balcony power plant is also possible without any problems with a normal Schuko socket, as a report commissioned by the DGS shows. The prerequisite for this is that the current fed in does not exceed 2.6 amperes. In addition, the plug-in solar system should comply with the DGS safety standard.

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