Supercharger / DC charging station / quick charger / 60 - 240 KW

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Performance: 60KW
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Made in Germany.

High-quality DC fast charging station / supercharger

All of our superchargers are compatible with all electric cars from all manufacturers!

Technical data
Housing material: powder-coated sheet metal
Charging power DC: 60 KW / 120 KW / 180 KW / 240 KW
Counter: compliant with calibration law
Protection class: IP 54 for permanent outdoor operation

Charging connection: 2x 5 meter charging cable CCS-2 including cable holder
Communication: OCPP 1.6

Downloads & information
Supercharger product catalog (please click) 📃

Technical data sheet 60KW variant (please click) 📃
Technical data sheet 120KW variant (please click) 📃
Technical data sheet 180KW variant (please click) 📃
Technical data sheet 240KW variant (please click) 📃

Further information about our superchargers / DC charging stations

DC - direct current = fast charging
When charging with DC, also known as fast charging, the DC charging stations convert the alternating current (AC) from the power grid directly within the station into direct current (DC). This bypasses the grid converter inside the car and the direct current flows directly from the station into the Car battery. This results in much shorter loading times and higher speeds.

Depending on the battery size, an average electric car needs between 3-6 hours to charge from 20% to 80% on the 11 KW wallbox at home; You can charge the same power at a supercharger / DC charging station in just about 20-40 minutes.

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