Einspeisezähler / Einspeisesteckdose Wieland, Hoymiles, Bosswerk, Envertech, Betteri / Gridbox

Feed meter / feed socket Wieland, Hoymiles, Bosswerk, Envertech, Betteri / Gridbox

With us you will find various feed-in meters for your balcony power plant or mini solar system, regardless of whether it is the surface- mounted feed-in socket Wieland RST20 or BETTERI / Hoymiles / Bosswerk / Envertech in the solo version, to which you simply connect your cable, or the feed-in socket Solar with cable, which you can easily integrate into your circuit. Both variants are also available with WiFi and electricity meters or energy measurement via app !
Can it be an intelligent grid box ? Then we recommend our solar feed socket Connect, which you can use to monitor the entire power generation process. All of our surface-mounted Wieland feed sockets and grid boxes are VDE compliant.

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