Charging cable type 2 11Kw. 5 / 8 / 10 meters / Ulitmate - Boost MODE-3

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Made in Germany.

High-quality charging cable for electric cars -MADE IN GERMANY-

High-quality charging cable for your electric car made in Germany. Charge your electric car with our ULTIMATE-BOOST charging cable with up to 11 KW. You can also use this charging cable to charge 1-phase 3.7 KW and 2-phase 7.4 KW. Our charging cable is therefore the ultimate companion for electric cars and hybrid cars of all manufacturers with Type 2 plugs.

Technical data
Housing material: ABS plastic, UV-resistant
Cable: High-quality cable from HELUKABEL-GERMANY -VDE-
Protection class: IP 54 for permanent outdoor operation
Charging mode: TYPE 2 Mode-3

Downloads & information
Technical data sheet 📃

Why a charging cable from us?
All of our charging cables are manufactured in our factory in 37269-Eschwege. This way we avoid long journeys (e.g. from China) through our production in Germany. We are always happy to help you if you have any questions or technical challenges. Simply send us your request to

This is how we create 100% sustainability -MADE IN GERMANY-