Warranty extension beyond the statutory warranty of 2 years for your Wallbox DUO / DUO-PLUG / BLACKBOX-DUO / PRO / PRO-Connect

SKU: 0001140
Length of warranty extension (beyond the statutory warranty of 2 years): 1 year
Sale price€129,00 EUR

Warranty extension for your wallbox up to 5 years (beyond the statutory guarantee of 2 years) full guarantee 💪😀

Unfortunately, our wall boxes don't last forever, but they are GUARANTEED to last a very long time!

What's included:

1, 2 or 3 year extended warranty (beyond the statutory warranty of 2 years) depending on your choice on your wallbox

Guarantee on the controls and electronics

Guarantee on the electricity meter

Wiring warranty

Guarantee on all switching elements / fuses / FI etc.

Individual guarantee certificate

What happens after you place your order?
Once you have purchased the wallbox and the extended warranty, we will conveniently send you an envelope with your individual warranty certificate to your home.
If you have a technical problem with your wallbox, send us an email to: Garantie@fbt-solution.de. The friendly staff at FBT New-Energy-Solution will then clarify everything with you, so that you can You can enjoy your charging experience - Made in Germany - again in a short time and at no additional cost.

Have you already purchased a wallbox from stark-in-strom.de and would like to know whether you can take advantage of the extended warranty?
No problem, you can send these to us for a warranty check. We check the wallbox (a flat rate of €59 is charged for this) and are happy to give another 1, 2 or 3 year guarantee**