FI type B / all-current sensitive / 40A 4-pole / 0.03A / 0.3A / FI emobility

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FI - RCD type current range: 40A / 0.03 (Perfect for e-mobility)
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Quality from ❤ Germany.

High-quality FI / RCD type B -all-current sensitive-

Perfectly suited for wall boxes / construction power distributors / frequency converters!

Technical data
Case material: ABS plastic
Number of poles: 4-pole L1 / L2 / L3 / N
Residual current protection: AC alternating current / DC direct current
Type: Electromagnetic
Current range: Depending on your choice, 40A / 0.03A or 40A / 0.3A

Standards met: VDE0100 Part 410 / IEC 61008-1 / IEC 62423 / IEC 62955:2018
Mounting type: On DIN standard hat rail 35mm
IP class: IP20

Downloads & information

Technical data sheet (please click) 📃

Further information on FI residual current circuit breakers type B
Type B all-current sensitive FI circuit breakers are able to detect smooth direct residual currents. Type B FI circuit breakers are intended for the use of electric car charging points (wallboxes), frequency controls and converters for supplying motors and pumps, elevators, construction power distributors, textile machines and machine tools and are mandatory in these areas because they have a continuous fault current with low Detect ripple.

Why choose an FI/RCD from us?

FI residual current circuit breakers are components designed to protect machines and, last but not least, life and limb. You shouldn't make any compromises here and buy from a German supplier who is responsive. There will always be a cheaper competitor, but when it comes to technology that protects life and limb, price shouldn't be the deciding factor. All of our FIs are calibrated/tested again in our production facility in beautiful Eschwege before shipping. You are welcome to come visit us and see how our exam is carried out.

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