E-bike charger / eBikeDock / 3 charging places / - Made in Germany-

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Locking system - locking: Without locking system/locking
Mounting type: Wall mounting
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Made in Germany.

High-quality e-bike charging station -Made in Germany- 100% manufactory production

All of our e-bike charging stations are compatible with all chargers from all manufacturers!

Technical data
Housing material: ABS plastic, UV-resistant
Charging power: 1-phase max. 1.7 Kw.

Residual current protection: 3x FI-LS switch B10A 30mA
Protection class: Housing IP 65 for permanent outdoor operation
Charging port: 3x PCE Schuko socket
Security / access control: Optionally via lockable socket insert (locking system) 2 keys per charging slot

Downloads & information
Technical data sheet E-Bike Dock 📃

Steele technical data sheet 📃

Further information about our e-bike charging stations and what they do! In addition to cars, motorcycles and scooters, more and more e-bikes are playing a role in the domestic vehicle fleet. In contrast to a conventional bicycle, a tour with an e-bike offers many more options because even inclines can be overcome effortlessly.
Around 1.5 million e-bikes were sold in Germany in 2019, around 40 percent more than in 2018. The market is constantly growing and so is the demand to be able to charge your e-bike from time to time.

A typical battery has an output of 250-500Wh. This means that the e-biker often doesn't travel 100 kilometers. Then it's time to connect the bike to the charging station. But what exactly is a charging station for e-bikes and what technology is behind it?
On the one hand, each of the sockets has a separate FI/LS switch, which means maximum safety for you and your e-bike. Furthermore, the switching devices (FI / LS) are designed to meet the needs of the e-bike batteries, so that the e-bike manufacturer's specifications are always adhered to when using an e-bike charging station. With the Connect variant, there is the option of releasing each charging space individually and measuring consumption; this is important for hotels or restaurants, for example.

Why an e-bike charging station from us?
All of our e-bike charging stations are manufactured and tested by hand. Our e-bike charging stations are modular, which means that if something breaks after many hours of operation, you can replace each component individually and don't have to throw away the entire e-bike charging station. This is how we create 100% sustainability -MADE IN GERMANY-

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